Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun at the zoo!

Today was another 100+ HOT Arizona day, so my friend Melissa and I decided to take the kids to the zoo (in the morning before it's sweltering.) She has 2 girls that are Logan and Carson's ages and a little boy that is a bit older than London. All the kids get along great and it was a lot of fun! Afterward all of the kids went swimming...gotta do what you can to beat this Arizona heat! Thanks for the fun day Melissa, Julianna, Natalie, and William!

Playing around at the elephants.

The boys loved that they got to feed the giraffe! Look at that tongue!

I loved that I could get an up close and personal picture!

The kids got to touch all things scaly and slithery a.k.a snakes and lizards.

Carson's new BFF.

This is Arizona so of course there was an armadillo! Who knew they are actually kinda cute?

Carson and Natalie hanging out in the egg inside the Aviary.

Checking out the Rhinos.

This baby zebra is only 4 months cute!

Carson wanted a picture w/ him.

Some monkeys, Logan, and the back of Carson's head....hey I tried.

Unfortunately the "Kenya Get Wet" water fountain park was closed due to a "BEE" problem...dang we improvised and let the kids get wet at the "frog fountain." Not quite the same, but at least they got to cool off.

It even doubles as a drinking fountain...yes we were assured that it is in fact clean drinking water.

In the end the kids got wet and that's all that really matters right?


Andi said...

Looks like fun despite the heat. Glad all of you had fun. And your patio furniture, etc... Could you please send some of your decorating style my way? Beautiful!

Anna Marks said...

We went last week as soon as it opened and it wasn't too bad, lots of shade on the walking paths. So glad you had a fun time!

Naoma SW said...

We love the Zoo, wish we could go with you! =)

Mindi said...

I really like Tucson's zoo. Big enough to have animals the kids like to watch (especially polar bears and otters at our house) but small enough to get through it in a couple hours! That is too bad the water part was closed. Bees...Yikes! Great pictures. Such cute kids!