Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A party for the preschool graduate!

Last week Carson's preschool class had their end of the year party. They set up lots of fun activities for the kids in the courtyard. There were water games, sand box fun, painting, a parachute, and of course the playground! Carson had a ball w/ his buddies and is so excited to start kindergarten in July (remember we're year round here so we get 6 weeks off for summer break.) Here's a peek at some of the fun he had...

The kids got to have pizza, cookies, DQ ice cream sandwiches, and lemonade for lunch...Carson was in heaven!

This is his best friend from class R.C.

Aren't these T-shirts the kids made so cute? Too bad Carson's is a bit on the small side...oh well!

Getting his "diploma"

Having a blast w/ the parachute...I remember loving that as a kid!

BFF's! ;)

I just love R.C's pose in this pic! What a little stud! haha!

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