Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prizes from daddy

At least a couple of times a month Weston comes home from work w/ some sort of prize for the boys...usually LEGOS or books. Of course this is why he's their favorite! ;) That's o.k. I'm still London's favorite...for now anyways! Well imagine my delight when Weston came home the other night w/ a prize for me! I've had my eye on these beautiful Denby dishes ever since we moved into our new home. Our previous dishes were purple and they really clashed w/ the new kitchen and it was time to retire them. Not to mention we were missing several plates and half the bowls (that's what happens when you move 5 times!) So my wonderful husband surprised me with a set of 8! I love them and they go w/ the color and style of our new kitchen perfectly! Just one more reason why Weston is my favorite also! ;)

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Nicole said...

Ooh, I like those a lot. What a nice hubby!