Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oregon Favorites!

London and I were able to make a quick visit to Oregon to see my family. We had so much fun in the 4 days we were there! On our first day we had a picnic lunch at Veteran's park with my mom, niece Sammi and her boyfriend Joey. We had intended on feeding the ducks by the lake, but they were swimming too far from shore. So we fed the geese instead...London was happy since it's all the same to him anyway! Later that afternoon I was able to see my Aunt Sandy, cousin Danne' and her girls. I'm so bummed I forgot to take pictures. Danne' lives in Northern Oregon and I hadn't seen her for several years. I was so glad she happened to be visiting her mom the same week!

Coming soon.....our pics of the gorgeous Oregon Coast!


Nicole said...

They may not have been ducks, but those geese are way cuter than the canadian geese we have around here. I would have fed those any day! I love Oregon, it's always so beautiful.

Fran said...

What a fun time for just you and London to be together. He looks adorable feeding the geese!