Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stewart Reunion (Part 1)

We recently returned from spending a wonderful 5 days at our beloved family cabin in Brianhead, UT. This year was the BIG Stewart Reunion which included all of Larry's siblings and their families. We look forward to this event every 2 years and our family always has so much fun! My favorite part is seeing how much all of the kids change over those 2 years and how the friendships they've made previously just start up again where they left off! How lucky I am to have married into such an amazing family!

This is "most" of the families that were able to make it!

Saturday moring after breakfast we have the BIG hike. Weston took the older boys and they were able to catch some great views of Cedar Breaks!

While the big boys were on their hike I took London on the toddler hike.

Heather(Weston's cousin's wife) did such a wonderful job making up a story for the kids to follow the clues to find the treasure! All of the clues incorporated details of Dell and his horse "Lightning"...what a fun way to teach the little ones about their great grandad!

Vella helping out London...so cute!

All of the kids got a sun hat as their first clue!

They found the treasure!

London was very excited to find western trinkets and gummy candy in his treat bag!

This year our reunion had a western theme so we had 4 stations we could visit to learn a new skill that Larry and his siblings needed to master while they were growing up on the ranch.

Here the boys are learning how to churn butter.

Boy was it delicious...and surprisingly easy...who knew?

Next up is learning how to rope!

Carson almost got it!

Future outlaws?? ;)

Weston's brother Justin is showing us how to haul hay.

Logan could do it with a little help from his cousin Will.

Here grandad is teaching Logan how to brand and we learned all about Dell's "Rocking X" brand.

The boys love seeing their cousins who live far away!

Carson and his twin (in age anyway) Ty! ;)

Every year they also hold a horseshoe tournament...I'm proud to say Weston was the champion!

Future champion?

Logan had so much fun playing games with everyone...this was literally a dream come true for my board game obsessed child! ;)

More pics to come....

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Fran said...

I'm impressed.... a lot of work planning and implementing the whole reunion. Love the western theme for the Westons!!