Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stewart Reunion (Part 3)

Every year that Weston and I have gone to the cabin we have taken a picture at Cedar Breaks. Our first picture was taken when we were 17! ;) It's so fun to look back at the years and see how much our family has grown and changed while the beauty behind us stays the same!

On our way home the boys' needed to get some wiggles out so we stopped at the Navajo Bridge over looking the Colorado River. What a fantastic view! Lucky for us on our drive home we pass a lot of amazing places (Grand Canyon and Zion's National Park) just to name a few. It will be fun to see a new place every summer!


Fran said...

What a gorgeous view, but I feel a little dizzy looking at the last picture.

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Have you ever been down into Zion National Park? I so recommend it, the beauty is unreal! And the Narrows are something else, but if you can swing it, don't do the Narrows with kids. But still do the main hike to the Narrows with kiddos. :0)