Saturday, May 10, 2014

Father Son Campout

This weekend was our church “Father/Son Campout”. The boys were so excited they got to go this year. In the past Weston has had other obligations with work, so it’s been a few years since they’ve been able to go. This was London’s 1st time going, can you sense his enthusiasm? Winking smileThey had so much fun playing cops and robbers with all of their friends, building forts, eating s’mores around the fire, playing card games before bed, and sleeping in a tent! I forgot to charge the camera so Weston was only able to get a few pictures before the battery died. He did snap a few with his cell phone though. In a few more years Greyson will be invited to go…what will I ever do with myself?


When they got home they were exhausted and so DIRTY. That’s how I know they had a great time!

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