Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gettin' WET at The Cove!

This afternoon I took the boys down to “The Cove” which has a big indoor wave pool, kiddie pool/play area, HUGE hot tub, and 2 tube water slides! I let Logan and Carson each bring a friend because I thought keeping an eye on 5 boys at a water park would be a piece of cake…Ha!  Actually I knew they would have way more fun with friends in tow. Lucky for me the older 4 are excellent swimmers and great listeners.



If you’re SUPER excited raise your hand!





I love this kid and all of his facial expressions. What a fun afternoon!


Fran said...

What a fantastic time. I want to go and ride in one of those clear inner-tubes!

Love to see pics of your family with their smiling faces.

Mindi said...

Fun! I hope you were able to take a ride in a tube too. We are headed there today.