Sunday, March 4, 2012

Major League Soccer at it's finest!

Last night we attended the Desert Diamond Cup right here in Tucson! This tournament hosted 4 of the best Major League Soccer Teams including LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, NY Redbulls, and New England Revolution. Sadly Mr. David Beckham injured himself at Thursdays practice so he was unable to play. We didn't let that get us down too much, there were a ton of talented players to watch! Most of the boys' from Logan and Carson's soccer team attended and we were able to sit together as a group. This made for a really fun evening. The best part of the whole night was when the boys' team was invited to walk on the field with the players for Real Salt Lake! Each of the boys held hands with one of the players when they walked out! What an amazing experience for them. AND it gets even better! Their coach picked Carson to be the line leader which meant he got to escort the team captain, none other than Kyle Beckerman! It was so cute to see Carson (the youngest player on his team) standing next to a superstar who shares the same jersey number #5! What a lucky boy!

All of the boys are so excited to meet the Real Salt Lake players, they can hardly stand it!

That's the grin of a boy who is just about to meet a superstar soccer player!

Almost time! He's getting a little nervous!

Carson's shining moment!

Logan thought it was pretty cool to be on the field with the players.

National Anthem

Game time! Back to your seats boys!

The first game was Real Salt Lake vs. NY Redbulls

Real Salt Lake won 1-0!

Up next LA Galaxy vs. New England Revolution

LA Galaxy team huddle...if only Beckham was in the middle...

At the end it was tied 0-0 so we went into a Shootout!

LA Galaxy wins the Desert Diamond Cup! What an exciting finish to a nailbiter game!


Tawnya said...

Sorry David wasn't there but you did get #5 from the Real and he is my fave. Carson is one lucky guy ;)

Mindi said...

Wow, you got some Great pictures!! So clear! What a fun night for the boys and a special memory they will have for the rest of their lives.